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Sharing God's love in tangible ways with spiritually disconnected people outside our culture, language and nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Casas-led Short-Term Trips                          go back               


Who can go on a trip? There are a few major requirements to go on a Casas-led short-term trip.      

  • You speak English
  • You love Jesus
  • Have been a member of a Bible Fellowship for at least 3 months before you apply
  • Your Bible Fellowship has been invited to go on a trip
  • You have the health and stamina to make the trip
  • You can allocate time in your schedule for trip training


Why did 7 Bible Fellowships send 28 Casas people on short-term trips last year?

  • ABF goers and senders experience spiritual growth
  • Casas Global Workers get our help
  • The nations get God’s love
  • God gets the glory!


How much does it cost to go on a short-term trip, and how do I get that kind of money?

  • Casas trains you and helps you to involve your community in praying, giving money towards your trip, and sending you out.
  • The average amount of funds to be raised for an overseas trip is $3,900, depending on where you are going.
  • Your community of friends and family usually want to participate in your project through prayer and finance.
  • God is the provider!


What are the steps involved in going?

  • Be an active member of your Adult Bible Fellowship, Connect Group, Serving Group
  • Complete the application process
  • Complete the short-term trip training process, which involves regular meetings with your team members which will train you in all the areas of the trip, from finances to culture


Is going on a trip safe?

  • All trips led by Casas Global Outreach comply with the Standards of Excellence for Short-Term Mission, which are the best practices internationally. Our focus is to partner with our Global Workers overseas to ensure that not only is the trip secure for all goers, but that both the Casas team and the overseas team grow from the experience.
  • At the same time, we know no one is guaranteed safety, whether in the United States or anywhere. God asks us to follow Him in trust.
  • We do send teams to “sensitive” countries, in which our Global Workers need to take extra caution when sharing the gospel. We work very closely with these Global Workers to ensure that the countries into which we send teams are secure for all parties. Trips to these countries have been some of our most successful journeys!


What if I don’t know the language or am unfamiliar with the culture?

  • That’s okay!! Our Global Workers speak English, and interpreters are provided where needed.
  • The training you’ll partake in will familiarize you with the culture into which you are headed.  You learn about their food, customs, religion, etc., so you will be prepared to form relationships with new local friends!


What if I’m not super skilled at sharing God's love?

  • Neither are we!! But we each have special gifts that God can and will use on a short-term trip. Casas-led short-term trips are all about relationships – using our own personal life stories and experiences to share God’s love and form friendships with local people.
  • Our trips are NOT about pressuring people to "change religion"; rather we focus on serving and showing people what the love of Jesus looks like in a non-threatening, relational way.
  • Your trip training will give you tools to use and will prepare you for this opportunity.